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The Clobber Loft – Our Values

We source and sell laidback, easygoing stylish women’s wear and accessories

So we haven’t sat for hours speculating over what our brand values at TCL should be, the bit we have thought about a lot more,  is what do those values mean for us.  So hopefully, by sharing our values with you and what they mean to the brand you’ll find out a whole lot more about us.


That really goes without saying, but it’s individual isn’t it? Style should be about expressing you.  Here at The Clobber Loft we are about a laid back, easy going style that brings you joy, a sense of fun and integrity. We believe our products should help you feel more you, in the best sense. We want our items to make you feel happier, sparklier (not necessarily via glitter or sequins) and more confident, like the Queen that you are. We stock items that you can pair with your old favourites to give your look a bit of extra zing or whole outfits that will translate across your busy week; be it the school run, at the office, walking the dog, for coffee with friends, a day at the beach, a leisurely weekend lunch at the pub or a date night.


We are not a fast fashion brand. We like to think we and you are more discerning than that. We source great items and work with quality suppliers. We are committed about offering you a quality service and our passion for what we do will shine through in every interaction we have with you. We are responsive, dependable, consistent and we really care. We’ll treat you like family and do our absolute best for you. We are a women’s brand, by women for women and we want to polish your crown.

We use recyclable packaging and paper tape to post out our products to you, we care about our environment and we will always strive to improve our environmental impact. 

Customer Service

Our customers are the heart of The Clobber Loft and we will always do our best by you. We will do what we say we will do. We will work hard to source and sell fabulous items that we want you to love. We will treat you like the Queen that you are. We want you to know us and us to know you. We want to build your trust in us. We always love to hear from you so please drop us a line at [email protected]


We should never underestimate the value of feeling empowered. Your outfit should be empowering, making you feel bold and brave. Great clothes and accessories are about supporting us to be the best version of ourselves whatever the circumstances. They shouldn’t be, but often are, something to hide behind. We know that in some situations we have to fake our confidence, a fabulous item or a new outfit that we love makes that just a little bit easier; until before we know it, we are feeling stronger and more powerful.  At The Clobber Loft our aim is to boost your spirit and confidence – it’s about women supporting women. 

The Clobber Loft’s first photoshoot

So in the weirdness that is post lockdown not really lockdown but not back to normal life as we once knew it either, we had our first TCL photoshoot.

The vibe we wanted to create was a celebration of real women; the halcyon days of a British summer on the south coast; women loving, supporting and lifting each other up. It was really important to me that this shoot felt real and honest.  What better women to represent this than my sister and my friends? Working Mum’s, Mum’s that don’t work right now, Business Owners and  all round awesome women.

To be frank I wasn’t sure any of them would be up for this, (in my chaotic and self doubting mind, why would they do this for me?) they all thought they wouldn’t be good enough. (which made me weep) It was another example of the countless times when you have epic women in your life they come through for you when it counts, regardless of their own insecurities. The bloody sun didn’t, but hey ho, that’s a British summer for you.

The location, to me is pretty special, it’s where me and my husband, three year old son Freddie and my Boxer Lexi spent many an hour during lockdown, once we were allowed out. And now, we are still there a lot because it’s awesome, local, free and you can take dogs…

Obviously there were some initial WTF moments from us all in the planning of this shoot but the team totally got where I wanted to get to with it. How, I am not quite sure, because while it was all in my head, my ability to articulate that to them in a continuous state of high end panic and anxiety was ropey at best. Abi from The Cole Portfolio, our photographer, just got it, right from the start. I tend to live by my gut (in more ways than one…) and I knew she was right for TCL months ago when we chatted. In her friendly, lively, bubbly way she and my wonderful women brought my 10 year vision to life; while I faffed and flapped about, unable to function like a normal person, they were trudging through fields, wading through water and supping prosecco on demand.  Suffice to say, this is the first and last shoot I am likely to be part of, in front of the camera. I am not a natural; far too invested, gurneyish and self-conscious, thankfully the others were incredible and are up for plenty more – yay.

Abi, Sarah, Jo, Clare, Holly and Louise thank you for being part of this middle aged bird’s dream. Embracing it, laughing with and at me- totally deservingly, I was quite ridiculous a lot of the time and supporting unwaveringly. I love you and I am very very grateful, bring on autumn/winter.